Learning By Doing – Who we are and what we’re trying to achieve

What better way is there to learn science than by doing science? In the new research project Learning By Doing, researchers are working to bring more authentic science learning experiences to classrooms across Australia

By A/Prof. Alice Motion

We’re an interdisciplinary group of researchers from The University of Sydney and Taronga Conservation Society with a shared enthusiasm for citizen science and its potential benefits for education. 

Towards the end of 2020 we were thrilled to be awarded a grant by the NSW Education Strategic Fund and we’ve recently launched our website and Twitter account to start sharing our progress, and to build even stronger connections with schools, teachers and people working in citizen science so that we can work to embed citizen science in schools. 

See full blog here – https://inspiringnsw.org.au/2021/10/15/citizen-science-in-australian-classrooms

*Image is courtesy of the Australian Citizen Science Association photo library

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