Learning By Doing Research

Our research focuses on examining the many learning dimensions of citizen science and engaging with our many stakeholders

We are currently focused on four research projects which collectively investigate current use of citizen science within school environments, the needs of teachers and project leaders, and how and what learning takes place through citizen science.

Citizen science leaders’ experiences in schools

We are conducting focus groups with citizen science project leaders to inform us of the great work already being done incorporating citizen science in schools and to learn from their experiences

The breadth and depth of citizen science in Australian schools

By surveying teachers across Australia we are mapping the use and implementation of citizen science in schools and identifying the support teachers need to further establish citizen science in schools

Evaluation of learning dimensions of citizen science

We have identified a gap in the capacity of projects to evaluate learning outcomes from participation in citizen science. This research project focuses on designing a simple framework for self-evaluation of learning dimensions in citizen science

Mapping citizen science to the Australian curriculum

One of the barriers to the incorporation of citizen science in schools is a perceived detachment between project content and syllabus requirements. #LearningByDoing is re-joining the two by aligning a variety of citizen science projects to the Australian and states curriculum